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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February stats.. a little late

I'm a little late but I promised that I'd write my February stats for my 366 project. In February (Lettermo month!) I sent:

18 cards
28 postcards
11 letters
1 small package

I received:
6 postcards
7 letters
4 cards

   In other news, life is extremely busy. I am proud for putting a little time to write to people but I have not had any time for any art stuff. Professionally, the big event this week is the Massachusetts Music Educator's Association conference and the MMEA All-State Treble Choir concerts. I have been working my tail off to prepare my classes for me being absent 2 days in a row! (Gasp!!) I have been preparing my students to sing and making sure they're also working hard. In addition, I have been preparing for the musical next week and for the District festival a few weeks after that. It's all rewarding work but I'm exhausted. I cannot wait for the day that I don't have to eat my lunch in 5 minutes so I can work through the rest of it. I really don't mind but I could really use time that I can shut my brain off. 
     In my personal life, David's birthday is Friday. He'll be 7. He's such a sweet, kind kid. I'll be at the conference for most of the day so it will be kind of horrible, but I will make sure we have some special time this weekend. He's been counting down for a while. We're having his birthday party with his friends next week. 

Current project numbers:
The 366 Project:
Sent: 109 (33 ahead of schedule!) 
Received: 55 (still a little behind schedule but happy with this)


  1. Wow, way to go on your 109 sent. :) I hope David has a happy birthday on Friday. We created a little mail art for him today. My mailman is an early bird, and already came, so we will send it out with tomorrow's mail. Ciao!

  2. Thanks! He'll be so excited to get mail!