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Saturday, March 28, 2015


     I am sitting at school on a Saturday afternoon waiting for the next performance of our musical. Since I'm the music director, most of my work is done by now and I just get to wait for the performance but outside my room there is crazy dashing around while students put on costumes, makeup and they begin to warm up. We had our 1st show last night. There were a few minor mistakes but, all in all, things were good.
      I have really enjoyed working with this cast. Many of the 8th graders in here have been performing in the program for a few years, but there are some who are doing a show for the 1st time. It is also our drama director's last show, so that's kind of special too. My own children are coming this afternoon, which is cool because I think they think of some of my students as an extension of our family- however odd that sounds. It's really interesting to watch my influence on my students transfer to their influence on my own children.
     Okay, off to do some last minute prep. Have a great day!

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