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Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Tree part 2

     So, I finished my tree. I don't think it was quite as impactful as last year but I'm hoping it brightened someone's day. In one major snafu, I was supposed to get some bulletin board paper from the art teacher so I could put up the tree trunk and branches. She was absent all last week so I ended up just taping an outline on the wall. The kids got the idea, but it looked pretty lame.
      Instead of writing a lot about the tree, let me tell you about a moment I was thankful for. I have this 7th grade student, Maddie, who is such a sweet kid. She had e-mailed me for something at 5 pm on Tuesday and I told her that I was working on something and would need to get back to her later. She asked if I was still at school and I replied that I was. She e-mailed me again at 6. I jokingly asked if she thought anyone would mind if I slept over at the school.
     On Tuesday I worked on my leaf project from about 6am-7:50, 10:40-12:05, 3:30-6 and then from 7-1:45. Then I finally finished. I went into work early on Wed so I could tape the leaves up. At 7:30, I got a knock on my classroom door. I called for whoever it was to come in and it was Maddie. When she turned the corner and saw what I was doing, she smiled and said "Ah.. that's what you were up to yesterday." I laughed and told her that I was almost done, that I just needed to tape the leaves up. She offered to help and handed me something. "Here, we made a chocolate raspberry coffee cake for breakfast today. I knew you were working hard last night and wondered if you may have skipped breakfast." (Which I had)
     Sometimes it's the kind little things like that that make teaching so worth it.

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