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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Currently 3/13

       I have been watching no television lately. Life has been busy with work and my personal life. I have found myself observing people though. I have always been a people watcher. The diversity of human beings fascinates me.  I had the pleasure of watching many young musicians at my music ed conference last week and getting to hear their beautiful music. I also observed many colleagues that I greatly respect and admire.  I love seeing the impact some of these great people have on others. Seeing some of the parents watch their children perform in a select group of musicians was also touching.

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson. Timmy read it for a book report once and I like to keep up with what he's reading. It's pretty amusing so far. If you follow me on Goodreads, you may know that I have read some James Patterson but I'm not always super invested in his books. As a matter of fact, I finished Invisible at the beginning of the week. It is slightly disturbing when you're reading a thriller where there is a serial killer (who enjoys torturing his victims before killing them), then you switch to a light-hearted book and realize it's by the same author.  So far I'm enjoying the book written for the kids more than the other book.
Treasure Hunters (Treasure Hunters, #1)

Simon and Garfunkle at the moment.

Music. This morning I subbed as the pianist at my old church. It is a great honor and blessing to be able to make music. It's amazing to me how music has the ability to connect people to one another.

   I have been a little overwhelmed lately, to be honest. I have had a lot of things that have been changes for me, but not a lot of positive things going on. I'm looking forward to this week and hoping for some renewed motivation.

For David's birthday. He'll be 8 on the 20th. He is one of the sweetest kids I know.

      Having some time to think. Thursday and Friday I went to a music ed conference and learned a lot. It was also nice to 1) be surrounded by people who live similar lives to mine and 2) not be surrounded by a few students who have been trying my patience last week. (I know... I don't often say negative things about my students. It was a rough week and I felt very disrespected by a handful of them). Sometimes I need a little "alone time" to pray and to recalibrate.
     I'm also loving the weather being more spring like, though I feel like this winter was totally lame. 

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