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Thursday, March 31, 2016

How did you find my blog?

     These past few weeks I have noticed a few changes in the "audience" of my blog.  Normally I will notice traffic sources based on blogs I have commented on, or pages I'm involved with, like Postcrossing. This past month I haven't really written anything interesting on the blog (I intend to write soon, just need to find some free time!) and haven't visited many sites and blogs I am not usually visiting. So, I was wondering-

1) Where are all the new visitors coming from? I have had many views from some countries that I haven't really seen a lot of, is any,  traffic from. This week I've seen some visitors from Lithuania, Poland, and Jordan. I have had the most readers from Canada.

2 )Who are all of you? I'd love to "meet" some new people, so if you have come across this page and you don't know me personally, I'd love if you would say hello and to hear about how you came across the page

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