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Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 mail and Secret Christmas RR#3

I haven't written much about mail since the new year. I have received some beautiful cards that I wanted to show off:

Secret Christmas RR#3
 From gzechanka in Ukraine
 From Rodzinka in Russia. I loved the stamps on this one too.
 From Liisa in Finland. Thanks for telling me about the traditional decorations with the Finnish flags. I didn't know that.
 From Alevtina in Russia Thanks for the great stamps too. Love the braid on the snowman!

This is from Jacque in Az. I love it.  Because she's awesome, she also sent me the next card.
 I love Nouvelle Images!!!
 Keeping with the music theme. She also sent an Elvis stamp and Edith Piaf too. That would be a really interesting duet, eh?
Naoko sent this yummy card from Japan.
    This next one made me giggle a bit. It's from Marilyn in Texas.  I have never been to Tx, but I've heard "everything is bigger in Texas," so I guess this fits. I'm right on the "Damned Yankee" and snafu border.  

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