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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back from vacation!

    On a personal note, my family went on vacation last week. We went to Ocean City, New Jersey where we stayed with Matt's parents and got to visit with family we don't get to see often. After spending Saturday through Tuesday playing in the sun and sand (and me getting sunburned...as usual), spending time with family we don't get to see all the time, and a lot of walking we traveled to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. In PA we stayed at The Great Wolf Lodge.  This was a perfect place for us to stay with the kids. There was an indoor water park, a few restaurants, an arcade, a small bowling alley, etc.  We all had a blast. It was a bit of a splurge for us but I think we would do it again.

Highlights of the vacation:
- Spending time with Matt, Lowell and Barbara, Nate/Anne and "the cousins", Matt's grandmother, Uncle Rob and Aunt Paula.
- Watching the boys play in the waves at Ocean City.
-Discovering David loves scary water slides
- Timmy becoming a Master Magi in MagiQuest
- Sitting around having "everyday moments" and taking the time to really appreciate them.
Here are some pics:


David "surfing":
 Our family with Gigi:
What we look like in our free time:
 My family :)  We were on a timer. David didn't quite make the ideal pose.

 Why Timmy should never grow a mustache:
 So, after a few days of working on this and procrastinating since I could not finish everything I wanted to put in this post, I've decided to break it up a little.  Next post- Packages I received while on vacation!

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