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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back to the blog!

   I stopped writing for a few weeks and I actually got a question about why I wasn't writing. Hooray! People are actually reading what I write. I'm fascinated that people all over the world are checking in. Feel free to say hello.  

This is a chocolate bar that I got from Finland. It was sent from a Postcrossing user in a chocolate round robin.   It was DELICIOUS. It tasted like a chocolate bar filled with Nutella. Friends from Finland- feel free to send me these bars :)

I also got the following treats from Finland in a tag. In a tag you "tag" someone, send them something and then someone tags you and sends you something. This was a request something from your country tag. I tagged verlustangst (mentioned before in the mystery envelope tag) in Malaysia and sent her some Bath & Body Works goodies!  Here's what I received from Finland:
More chocolate! Fazer- yummy! The 2 small items are licorice. They were black licorice filled with raspberry/blueberry yogurt and vanilla pear yogurt. I'm not a huge black licorice fan but these were pretty tasty. (Much softer and way less chewy than licorice here.)  Notice the Moomins on the package. I gave these to my kids and they really liked them!  I also really liked the stamps on this package. Check them out:
I found another envelope that I need to photograph too. Some of my Postcrossing friends and my penpals are extremely talented.

This card is from an 11 year old boy in Germany. He plays the piano too! Emil, I looked up the music you sent me. All the kids here are really into "Call Me Maybe" too. I chaperoned a trip to New York City with our 7th graders and I must have heard the chorus of that song 10,000 times! Danke schön, Emil!

    This card is titled "Autumn Moon on Calm Lake."  The dark spot between the tree and the moon is a mail injury :)  This card is so beautiful.

I really like this card too. It is from The Netherlands and shows what I usually think of as stereotypical Dutch images. Thanks Astrid!

I love this card as well. (I got all of these cards in 2 days. I was so excited)  This is the way my mailbox looks in my imagination! I would love to paint my mailbox like this... and my neighbors' boxes too but I think they would feel that I had gone a bit overboard with my mail obsession!

   I totally forgot to take a picture I took of a package I sent to a soldier I'm sponsoring through www.adoptaussoldier.org  I am excited to do a small part in helping to encourage people who are serving in our armed forces. I'm currently writing to 2 soldiers.  Sorry. I also apparently forgot to photograph the cards I was sending out. However, inspired by some of my MUCH more artistic friends, I did try to make an effort to do some decorated envelopes/mail art.
    This letter went to my friend Ada-Mari in Finland. She likes stamps so she'll either like my efforts or kick me for not just cutting the stamps out for her. It was my first attempt at something like this and when I added the address and my own stamp (after this pic) I thought it looked pretty cool. There are stamps from the USA, Japan, Canada, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Australia and Germany I think.
    I just edited a picture I had taken of my friend's, Susan, letter... and I ruined it. Next time.
    Here's a card I'm planning on mailing tomorrow:
It is titled "Hutcheston's Moral Senses."

     By the way, the person in Wales got the package safely and seemed to like everything! I am still waiting for my package.

The 366 project:
Received: 14
Sent: 40 

   I got a nice letter from Cara in PA and had a bit of a mishap with a letter from Jenny in Germany.  Jenny had sent me a great letter with a Germany bracelet in May. It never got here so she sent another letter, gummy candies and 2 baseball caps for the kids. Ironically, right after she sent the 2nd package, the first got here!
   The sign says Thank you Jenny (in German) but it wasn't dark enough.  Yet another fail today!
    Well, that's all for today folks. Thanks for reading!



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