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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lots of Postcards to mention...


So when I got home from vacation I had a lot of postcards that I wanted to write about. Here they are:
From Poland. Dorote told me about the Slot Art Festival near Wroctow.

Here are some Russian airplanes from 9 year old Ann from Russia. Thanks Ann!

    This is a view of Upper Town in Minsk in Belarus.

   I really like this card from Ukraine. It shows the former Praha hotel, a monument to Yaroslav the Wise, reconstruction of the Golden Gates and Kreschatyk. This was sent from Anna who is 13.

Occasionally there are "mail casualties." This card looks like it got soaked and then another piece of mail (from China I'm assuming since there is Chinese writing on it) got stuck to it and later ripped off. It looked like a nice card though.  Here it is:

I also got 2 cards (3 if you want to include one I'm putting in the B-23 group!) that were picked out with my boys in mind too. We loved them. The first is from Canada.

This card is really cool because you can cut it up and fold it into a 3-D Canadian Goose! So fun!

US- 1782633
Wow! Check out this children's museum. It is in Indianapolis. Deb put all some great stickers and a nice Pixar stamp on the card too.

     Sometimes on the Postcrossing forums I will enter groups to trade specific cards. Volvomom, a postcrosser from MA whom I have actually met, runs an Alphabet RR. You sign up for a letter and then send cards relating to that letter. I signed up for the B-23 group. Here are my B cards, all of which I love:

From crizle, Brisbane, Australia:
 Write Shop Robert sent me this great Where's Waldo card full of bands! I sat with my boys to find Waldo, a steel band, a one-man band and saxophones and a sack of phones. On the back of the card Write Shop Robert included more Bs, including a nice bonsai stamp. (I love these stamps. They are so pretty)
 From Alienne, blue Great Barrier Reef- How beautiful is this? I can't imagine what this must be like in person. The Great Barrier Reef is also a UNESCO site so this was very exciting for me.

The 366 Project:
Received: 20
Sent: 43 

Nice to finally see some progress made in the letter project. If you are a reader dropping in for the first time, I'm hoping to send/receive 366 letters this year. If you would like a letter from me, or would like to send me one, please e-mail me your address and I will write. I am still catching up on some penpal letters so I will write theirs first, but I will respond to anyone who writes. Feel free to comment to say hello too or tell me a little about yourself. For people I know, how about leaving me 1 thing I don't know about you to make this fun. (I'll even match your comments with a fact you may not know about me.)


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