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Friday, July 3, 2015

July mail so far

     Well, July has been pretty slow so far. We have had a few practices for Tim's new team and I've gotten some chores done around the house, but nothing exciting. Many of my friends are away so it's been a little lonely.
     Speaking of friends who are away, one of my best friends sent me a postcard from their family trip.  They went to the Hallmark Visitors Center in Kansas City, Missouri and thought of me when they saw the postcards. :) I love that they sent me a few and that their daughter wrote out the message on one. They have 3 daughters and their whole family is like family to us. It really brightened my day to get these. Thanks!

 This is The Four Seasons Mural. It's really pretty.
The Kansas City Spirit by Norman Rockwell and John Atherton. I have also seen it listed as "The Spirit of Kansas City."  This painting was commissioned by Hallmark founder J.C. Hall to commemorate the rebuilding of Kansas City after the Great Flood of 1951. (I learned all this today- this is one of the reasons I love collecting postcards and interacting with people from all over the world.)

     This next card is from Jane in Belarus. It's the first Postcrossing card she has sent out. Yeah for new Postcrossers! On my profile, I have asked about musicians from around the world. She has introduced me to Hurma, a Belorussian band. There seems to also be a Finnish band named Hurma as well. I listened to them both. I liked them. I wish I spoke more than 1 language fluently. Sometimes the sounds of languages fascinate me. I would share one of the songs, but I have no idea what the lyrics mean so I don't want to send something bad. lol 

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