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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Package from Finland!

   Back in March (?), my friend Johanna in Finland sent me a package which got absorbed by the international post somewhere. So, she was kind enough to send me another package, which arrived today. She knows I like Moomins, which are Finnish characters that I wrote a little bit about in my first ever blog post.  Here is what she sent me:
 Look at all these glorious stamps! David was so excited to see the Angry Bird stamps.
 Yum! Fazer chocolates :) I can'r wait to try them, especially the chili chocolate. I've never had that before.
 My favorite strawberry soup. She sent 2 packages. (Now I don't have to hoard the remaining packets from my last Finnish package. lol)
 More Moomin tea! I got tea from the same brand in my other package, but they were different flavors. These are all roobois tea. I look forward to trying them. Johanna, I know that you usually do your devotions in the morning over breakfast. This summer I have started being more disciplined about spending time in devotions so I have been reading at breakfast too. I have often thought of you and prayed for your family at this time. Maybe I'll add some of your tea into my breakfast time. It's nice to have a sister in Christ all the way on the other side of the world.
 Moomin tote bag.
 Cute Moomin notepad. I plan to bring this to school and stick it to my desk. It will be fun explaining what Moomins are to all the middle school students who look perplexed.
 Postcards! There are 2 super cute cards in the bag at the top.
 Don't I wish?
    This is my other mail from today. This is from Germany.  What's up with me and blimps this week? ;)

    In other news, we tried the spicy licorice lollipops from the last Finnish package. We did NOT like them. lol. The lollipops from China were a hit though.

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