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Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello from WY

    I just wanted to say hello since it is late but I can't sleep. We are having a wonderful time on our road trip. I am grateful that everybody has been safe and healthy. I'm blessed with a reliable car too. Here's a picture from this morning's ride from Yellowstone National Park to our hotel.
     This was taken in Grand Tetons National Park.

Things I've learned on our road trip (in random order)
- The United States is extremely diverse in landscape. Driving through these places gives you a completely different view of when you just see pictures.
- I wish I spoke more than 1 language fluently (and wasn't too shy to try to speak the 2 that I have taken classes in but have not had anyone to practice with)
- When traveling this long in a car you will come to know the best and worst qualities of yourself and your family.
- I kind of liked living without a clock and my cell  phone, though I missed seeing what is going on with my friends.
- It's okay to take risks. I did some things I was excited and nervous about (like going on the Maid of the Mist or meeting a penpal for the first time) and had a blast. I'm so grateful I followed through.
- I don't like tent camping as much as I used to... especially in the rain. I also don't like being without a book to read. I finished mine this morning and have a few days until home.

    I think that's enough for tonight. I'm going to jump into my comfy hotel bed and get some sleep before another 7.5 hour drive tomorrow.

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