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Monday, August 24, 2015

Recent cards

I have gotten a few cute cards this week, most of them from the Penpalling& Letters Surprise Postcard Swap.
    I loved seeing this little polar bear in my mailbox. The humidity here is killing me. (Then I realized it was sent from Kat- in Brazil- so I probably shouldn't complain about it being hot and humid here!) The Sao Paulo card was inside the envelope. I love the envelope idea, I might try something similar to a penpal soon.

 From Filipa in Portugal. Vintage card. The car reminded me a bit of Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang.
 Homemade card from 15 year old Anya, in Russia. Very cute. THanks!
 This homemade one was from Estela in Spain. I loved the owls!

    In other quick news:
-Jenny, if you're reading, I'm worried your letter might be lost but I'm holding onto hope that it will arrive here soon
- One of my ChemoAngels graduated out of the program so I just got a new one yesterday. I'm now writing to 2 women- one in Tx and one in OH.
- I start school next week
- Had a speech eval for David today. He's going to need to start going for speech. He has some articulation problems, that I knew about, that should be fixed sooner rather than later. 

     Anything exciting going on for you or your family? 

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