Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6- David

Continuing with the family theme. My youngest son David is another constant source of joy. Check out his toothless grin, who can not smile at that?
   David is one of the most smiley kids I have ever met. He is a loving brother and son.  He is very affectionate and loves to giggle. Every day when I get home from work, he bolts from the house to give me a huge hug. Later on, usually at dinner, he asks me about the best part of my day. If I make the mistake of trying to think about what that moment was, he innocently asks if it was his hug from when I got home from school.
    I love to sit and watch David play with his cars or drawing. I am so proud when I hear him reading so well or watch him follow Timmy around like his best friend in the world. He is kind to everybody and plays well with all kinds of kids. He and I frequently have dance parties in my dining room and we are quite goofy. I smile each time we're at our youth group and I watch him dancing along to all the worship songs.
    A few years ago David was attacked by a rabid animal so our family went through the hard questions about what would happen if David died. The shots were horrible and every time he got them, his fever spiked to 105. The doctors said we had 3 days to know if he would be okay or not and those 3 were some of the worst days of my life. I'm so grateful that he is okay.
     David's sweet little voice, curious questions, gigantic hugs and cheerful disposition are really touching to me. I'm grateful that God has blessed me richly through my children.

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