Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ear worms.

   So yesterday I mentioned that I will share some of the pieces I'm listening to lately. There are either pieces that I have been listening to and enjoying or pieces that mean something to me. I hope you enjoy them too.  (Disclaimer- I'm not writing this from my music educator point of view, it's just music I have had fun with. Some of it is not serious at all.) One of my friends calls songs that get stuck in your head "ear worms" so that's why I used that as my heading today.

Kristian Stanfill- My Heart is Yours
Paul Baloche= To The Cross 
Jabberwocky- Lyrics by Lewis Carroll/ Music David Brunner. (My Chorale is singing this.)
Eli Eli! by György Deák-Bartok
Adagio for Strings- Samuel Barber ( I think this is the saddest song ever written)
Love is an Open Door from Frozen. My boys and I sing this around the house. I got a chance to meet         Santino Fontana (Hans) before and this song just makes me think of that day.
Symphony No 1- The Lord of the Rings, I. Gandalf- Johann de Meij
Paul Baloche- King of Heaven (I love to sing this)
Moses Hogan- Elijah Rock
Pharrell Williams- Happy
Almost anything by John Williams (Harry Potter scores if you really want to look it up)
Same thing for Howard Shore (Check out Lord of the Rings)
Maroon 5- Payphone
Jason Robert Brown- Moving Too Fast from The Last Five Years (the video quality stinks on this one       but JRB is an AMAZING pianist. I eventually would love to play those runs without tripping over       my fingers. Also, check out the musical Parade. A bit dark but one of my favorites.)
Stephen Schwartz- "For Good" from Wicked
A Great Big World& Christina Aguilera- Say Something (another one my chorus is singing)

 Wow, what a weird mix. I'm sure if you asked me tomorrow, I would come up with a bunch of other songs. What's the latest song that has been going through your head? I'm going to admit that "All About that Bass" has been in my head all morning. I dislike the song's lyrics but it is so unbelievably catchy.

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  1. My husband is a pianist and always has music running through his head or drumming through his finger tips. He seems to always be tapping out a tune with his fingers or his feet.