Sunday, October 12, 2014

Noticing the little things

Have you ever found yourself so busy that you miss the beauty in everyday things? Here are a few things I have seen this week:

Pictures of a farmer's market my husband's Aunt Janet went to. These are her pictures, aren't they beautiful?

 This is my son's eye. The intricacy of many of God's creations amaze me. 

Some sky pictures. Weather in New England is definitely switching to fall! (All of these pictures were taken on my phone, sorry for the picture quality.)

I read a post yesterday that challenged readers to take 5 minutes out to notice something of beauty so I pulled my car over and took this picture. 

   The view from where I type my posts. The color is more vivid in real life but it was shady in the backyard today.
 Up close with some of the leaves.
 I love the different colors we see here. I used to have a hammock hanging in the backyard. This is very similar to what we would've seen.
 Cute habaneros my husband grew.

On my way into school
This is a tree outside my window at work. I'm sad that the top of it is dying :(


  1. Is that purple cauliflower!? I have never seen anything like that before. Very cool.

    1. I'm not sure. My husband's aunt took that picture. I had never seen it either but I thought it was beautiful. I also wondered what the plant next to it was.

  2. Love the pictures, Jen! I'm jealous of your backyard... love trees!! That was one thing I wanted when we were house hunting- lots of trees in my backyard. Due to smelly circumstances, we ended up with zero trees in our backyard... :P I planted a few but they arent very big yet. It's neat to see your different "views." I should do a post like this sometime :)

  3. AND happy birthday!!!!! Wishing you happiness and fun today :)

  4. I love that tree - I hope it doesn't completely die - that is hands down my favorite fall leaf color. This is a wonderful time of year. And all that carpet of leaves that you see from your writing window is wonderful! Nothing like the beauty all around us to give peace and inspiration!

  5. Wow! Stunning pics! Yay for noticing the small but beautiful things all around us!