Thursday, October 9, 2014

My town

     Tonight David had a scouting "go see it."  The town we live in had an open house. We got to visit the senior center, police department, and fire department. The town hall and electric company were also open, but we didn't get a chance to go to those two. We learned about the police department building and all of the rooms in there. Then the kids got to eat dinner (cooked by the chief), talk to police officers, see all of the police vehicles and watch a demonstration of the police dogs. At the fire station they got some goody bags, saw the fire engines, went through an obstacle course, tried on gear, tried moving one of the dummies, and saw a presentation in the smoke house. As I watched everybody interacting, I was reminded about how happy I am that we live here.
     In general, I love my town. They do many events here that celebrate family and community. I will often be out at a grocery store, baseball game, school event, etc and run into someone that I know. We also often see people that have worked with the kids and they will always smile and say hello to them. I love the business owners that I have visited. The feeling of community in this town brings me a lot of joy.
    I also enjoy the geography of the town. We have wooded areas, ponds, some nice parks, and we're on the coast. My town makes me feel peaceful (most days!)

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  1. Loved reading about your town, Jen! We recently had fire truck days here, but we missed it. My boys were bummed. Im glad ya'll had a good time. Sometime youll have to take us on a photo tour of your city :)