Wednesday, October 29, 2014


   My husband, Matt, is another source of joy for me and my family. Honestly, we have not always had the easiest time, but I know that I am a really lucky woman to be married to such a great guy. One of the things that first attracted me to Matt was his willingness to share his faith with me. Over time, the biggest thing I'm most attracted to now is what a fantastic father he is. Being "the mean parent," I appreciate watching him goof around or have fun with the boys. (most I love seeing them on the tire swing in the back yard, going off for a little bike ride, chasing each other around the yard- I even chuckled the other day when they were shooting each other with NERF guns around the house when I had a friend over for dinner. (Not a usual thing for me) In addition to this, Matt and I work opposite schedules so when I am at work, he is dealing with getting the kids to and from school, homework, dinner, etc. We have committed to eating dinner together every night so he makes dinner most times so he can get to work in time. He's a great cook. I also love that he is willing to grow with me. When I first met him, he was antisocial rather shy. Now, he seems much more comfortable with other people and dealing with my extroverted personality. I love how he makes people feel welcome in our home and that our boys have a great role model.

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  1. Just read this blog post right after I posted. I am often guilty of forgetting- especially in difficult times, which is part of the reason I wanted to post about my husband.