Tuesday, October 21, 2014


    One of the things that bring me the most joy is just watching children playing or being imaginative. Right now my kids are playing outside in the leaves. I went out and got these shots of them:

 Notice David's Michael Jackson-esque glove. His "style" crack me up. Whenever given the chance, he prefers to wear a button down, collared shirt and sweatpants.

   They're now figuring out how to jump from the tire swing into the leaf pile.
    In school today I did a choreography lesson with my 8th graders. It was a lot of fun to watch them experiment around with movement and have a good time being creative. It was fun to watch them have that "Am I an adult or a kid?" struggle. They try so hard to be grown up but when it comes to doing something fun and creative, the kid in them usually wins out. (Unless they are in a group of other students who will make them feel self-conscious.) I got really excited watching 2 kids in 8th grade and 3 boys in 7th grade who are not usually invested go "all in" today. I also had a lot of laughs and a ton of fun. I'm honored that my students trust me enough to be themselves with me.
    I also got this picture of the little corn field across the street from me. (With that being said, there are not a lot of corn fields in my area at all. A local dairy farm uses the land to grow feeder corn for their cows. I like them!)


  1. It looks like you live in a beautiful area! Thank you for sharing these pictures, today.

  2. What beautiful pictures! You'll never regret any photo taken of or time spent with your kiddos! My son is named David too, but he is 22 now :) Enjoy your autumn!

  3. What gorgeous pictures! My boys have just started developing their imaginations, and it is so much fun to watch!

  4. I love watching my kids play, too. And my daughter's style just slays me. Today she tried to wear cat leggings (they've got a lot of cats on them) and a black and white striped shirts with ribbon butterflies. I vetoed that one. I just. couldn't.

  5. Boo, my first comment disappeared. Look at all of your fun comments :) I've been loving your pictures, Jen! :) And your backyard looks awesome. Too bad we don't love closer to each other; our boys would have so much fun together... (and no doubt, we would too!)