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Friday, February 27, 2015

Great mail day!

    As Lettermo comes to an end, I am mostly happy with how I did. I definitely slowed down towards the end but I will try to send a few pieces of mail out tonight. I have been a little tired (Okay, a lot tired) with pushing myself at work. Again, I love what I do but prepping my courses, preparing kids for music festivals, rehearsing the musical, working with groups of  up to 90 and adjusting to each individual students and how they learn is just plain exhausting- especially because I have integrity and honestly try to do the best job that I can. Today, when I peeked into my mailbox I was greeted by our weekly supermarket fliers. I thought that was it but when I pulled it out a  pile of personal mail fell out (and only 1 bill!!!).  Check it out:

    Received this card from Suey in Ut. She put out a "who wants a letter for Lettermo" request on her blog so this is the first time I have "met" her. I am excited to write back!
    I was so excited to get this postcard from Jarielyn in NV. I had seen this card on her blog and secretly wanted one :) She took this photograph. Isn't it beautiful? Perfect for a music teaching snail mailer.
The first thing I saw with this envelope was the wax seal with the A. Yeah, mail from Ashley, I thought. Nope, a card from Ryan Avery who is a speaker and author. I follow his blog and have won a giveaway of one of his books. He just wrote to say thanks for reading his blog. I love people who are genuine and gracious.
WHAT!? Two wax seals in one day? This one is from AC in PA. I loved the sparkly card. Yes, AC I am buried under all that snow in Boston. Check out a few posts back and you'll see some pictures. Barely any of it has melted. They are finally pushing the snow a little further back from the road but it's still crazy. I watched a 6th grade student of mine trying to walk home from school and in the time it had taken me to turn a corner, drive a block, turn again and drive to the end of that block, he had taken about 6 steps. The rest of the time was spent hopping up and down from a snowbank to let the cars pass in 2 lane traffic.

     I have not gotten any mail written and sent today or yesterday though I did write 4 thank you/good job cards to students of mine. Those were hand-delivered.  (3 kids helped me a ton in a rehearsal, highest scorer in a math meet overall, highest scoring girl in the math meet, winner of the spelling bee. My kids are all so talented. I love seeing their strengths outside my class too)

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  1. Glad my card reached you. It looks like it lost a bit of structural integrity in transit - sorry about that! Enjoy the last little bit of your letter month.