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Sunday, February 22, 2015

More outgoing mail

As February school vacation finished up, I will frantically try to get a few more letters done before becoming buried in music festivals, homework, projects, prep work and life in general. The top envelope I received in an envelope swap. It is on it's way to Georgia to a Lettermo friend. The bottom envelopes are for 2 friends who need some encouragement and a birthday card for my mom. (That's the really colorful one. She's going to think I'm weird since she is "not into" the whole mail thing.. lol) I'm usually horrible about birthday cards so I'm glad that I am getting this out.  Hopefully each letter or card will brighten the day of the people who get them.


  1. That first envelope is SOOO pretty & mail themed!

    1. I got that from a swap. I figured another Lettermo person might really like it.