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Monday, February 9, 2015

Still snowing...

Another snow day. Remember the 3rd window you saw in my last post? Well, here's what it looks like now, from the inside:
Here are some updated outside pictures:
 Timmy is 4'9"
 Pretending he's his hamster, Blizzard.

 Updated picture from yesterday. It doesn't look too different than the other day because it's right on the side of the house so it's sheltered from wind/snow. The rest of the yard does.
 Down the path to the left is a white van, almost completely buried. My neighbors can't get it up the hill when it is icy. The little black thing sticking out of the snow is a basketball hoop and the black thing to the left is a dumpster for the shop next door. It is almost completely buried. The boxy looking things in the back are lobster traps that are stored next door. Pretty random.
Look at my lonely mailbox. It's almost buried. I figured I wasn't getting any mail today anyway so I'm not going to dig it out yet.
     Did I mention it's still snowing?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos-enjoy seeing all that snow!