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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Make it stop....

     I am not a person who usually complains about snow. However, tomorrow is our 5th snow day. Being a person who teaches on a rotating schedule, I have been missing rehearsal with the same kids over and over and over. Boo.... I have not seen them since 1/15 and won't see them again until 2/26.
      I bet mail will get messed up this week again too.
      On another note, here's the front of my house. That pile of snow is over 6 feet tall . We're supposed to get another 2 feet or so tonight into Tuesday... then more on Thursday. There are times that I have wished that I was a hermit- I'm seeing that I could survive that- even enjoy it on some days.

   Here are the upsides of the snow (not in order of importance):
Exercise while shoveling
More planning time for school
Family time with the kiddos!
Appreciating that I have somewhere warm to live and that I really don't "need" anything
Appreciating that I live somewhere that the snow is an inconvenience but nothing like what I see in areas affected by tornados, floods, hurricanes, forest fires, etc.
Letter writing/reading/art time
More of a chance that I will do housework
Working without a schedule
No alarm clock
Time to cook and eat meals
Wearing comfy clothes instead of having to dress up for work
Not having to drive in the town I work in (which has a DPW that works really hard, but the roads are never fully plowed)

    What do you like to do when you're "trapped" by the weather?


  1. Funny! :) We spend our snow days doing the same thing! The shoveling exercise always helps motivate me. We try to always shovel for at least one neighbor too. :) And I love the extra art time AND being in my pajamas... and the prettiness of the snowflakes :)

  2. Ashley, I'm actually going to sit down to respond to your letter in a few minutes. I don't know if we'll be getting mail today... or a few days this week, but I will get it out when I can. I'm looking to get creative with your envelope. Any requests?