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Saturday, July 16, 2016


    One thing that I have discovered as a wife and a mom is that sometimes it is really healthy and nice to step outside your comfort zone. Personality wise, Timmy and I are very alike. On a positive note,  we are both self-motivated, empathetic, hard working, love to learn and love to read. On a negative note, we can both be a little "know it all"ish and we like to do things our own way. Being married has taught me that sometime you have to compromise if you are attempting to make a group of people happy. Last night I got an e-mail from a group that I have volunteered with (classifying invasive species on the shoreline... told you I'm a nerd.) saying that they were offering a free boat ride to view the Hokule'a as she sets sail for Maine and Nova Scotia.  Hokuleʻa is a performance-accurate full-scale replica of a waʻa kaulua, a Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe.  Since 1973 the Polynesian Voyaging Society has been at the vanguard of promoting awareness of the rich and skilled heritage of Polynesian mariners.  (Their website is actually really interesting.) This vessel has been in Salem, MA for a few days Interested parties would be leaving the dock by 6:30 am. The only problem is that I kind of hate water. 
     I asked Matt if he would be interested. He was, but he is not a morning person- at all. David said it was too early for him since we've been up late with Tim's baseball games. Tim, of course, totally wanted to go. So, he and I headed out to Salem and set sail.  After my initial fear of being completely surrounded by water, I was fine. Maybe I was fine once Timmy was off the dock and on the boat without me having the worry about him falling in. :) 
      Timmy and I had gone on a whale watch a few years ago, but he didn't remember it. I was curious whether he would enjoy being on a boat. Once he dismissed his fear of a shark attack (I'm not afraid of that, just water in general), he had a great time. Here are some pictures from our morning:
 A little sleepy and reserved, but relaxed.
The Hokule'a being towed out before opening the sails.
 Speaking of being scared of water. This would be terrifying to me. These paddle-boarders are crazy. Although it would be fun if I liked water, this is one of my ideas of things I'm least likely to do in my life.
 The Hokule'a with the sails open. Here is where the boat is now on their voyage.
 Tim saying hello to their crew.

Tim chatting with the captain of our crew. He learned about the engine throttles, steering the boat, the radar system, the camera showing things from the bow and a map. The captain was very knowledgeable and patient.
     The boat we were on is part of the Salem Sea Shuttle. They do tours of Salem Sound and trips to some of the local islands. Our boat also had a touch tank that they use for education. Today they had mussels, hermit crabs, snails, starfish and a lobster. The lobster had been rehabilitated after losing it's right claw. After it lost its carapace, it regrew the claw.
      Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. Timmy has developed some interest in visiting some of the islands off the coast (Misery Island and Bakers Island.) Hey, maybe one of you could sponsor a sleepover at the lighthouse for our family :)  I am guessing that the trip we took today is pretty similar to the Sea Shuttle's tour of Salem Sound, so if you were looking for a nice, but shorter, trip; that would be enjoyable too. 

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