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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer happenings

     Summer is turning out to be quite relaxing. Here's a little from this week:
      David has been doing his summer reading, enjoying a local parks program and enjoying his time at home. He has always loved games so we have played Beat The Parents, UNO Spin, Minions Monopoly, regular Monopoly, etc. We did a craft at the library and made a rainbow fish. He has just turned in a "book review" illustration for a reading program sponsored by a bakery. (and got a free cupcake since it was his first book report this summer.) He illustrated a scene from Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses.  He worked very hard on it.
Tim= Baseball. He has been working hard at practices and his team just won the district championship. We had much celebrating with a pool party at 9pm. On to regionals!


    Today he also had a performance in a summer band program at the middle school. He's the only student who is younger than middle school, and he has enjoyed the challenge greatly. He even volunteered to play a short composition he wrote. It was pretty cool. 

Matt= has been working hard at work. He has been trying to come up with a signature candy bar at work, which must be good because I eat it every time he brings extras home. Ha ha. He'll actually be going to a workshop in Maryland in August for work. This is new for us. 

I have actually been doing very little. I have done some chores around the house and sat around thinking of all the things I should do, or want to do, but have not actually done much. This is rare for me so I'm going to be content for the time being.  With all of the baseball tournament play, I have not really known my schedule more than a day or 2 ahead of time. I can't decide if this is a good thing for my personality (and if it's making me relax about my time) or if it's immobilizing me so I can't get anything done. We'll see after regionals I guess. 
      I have been doing a lot of reading of books and blogs.


  1. David is an artist! What a great illustration!

  2. So great to read Bowler family updates :) That drawing is amazing- way to go David! Love it! And I'm so happy to know Timmy is continuing to enjoy baseball and music... and wow! Awesome to know he's up to the challenge of playing with middle schoolers. :) And how neat of Matt to create a signature candy bar... has he named it yet?