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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Food Swap and Chocolate


     Today I'm just going to focus on incoming mail. I have been unbelievably busy this week so my outgoing mail has not been as prolific.  Here are some yummy things to hit my mailbox this week:

Chocolate Bar RR- Received from Postcrosser melis dogan in Turkey. This chocolate is delicious!!! I also had another bar, that I loved even more than this dark chocolate, but Matt threw away the wrapper before I got to photograph it. (Rather, I gobbled up the chocolate so fast that it didn't exist long enough to be photographed.) This was delicious and I'm sad because I don't know the name of the candy bar now. (It ranked right up there with my Dumle bar from Finland)
Her envelope had some cool Olympic Stamps too!

Food Swap- Received this package from Postcrosser Cockie in Japan.  Very exciting. I can't wait to try everything.

 In the US, I haven't really bought anything liquid that is packaged in an envelope. The curry is liquidy too.
 I think this is a fruit drink? Maybe a tea- ginger and small citrus fruit flavored
 Pasta sauce with cheese topping.
 Clam chowder. It will be interesting to compare and contrast with New England Clam Chowder
 Looks very yummy-  Miso flavored noodles
A poster that was in the envelope. She made her envelope out of a calendar :) Nice.

     Thanks ladies, I really like them both! I can't wait to try all the food from Japan.

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  1. Looks all great!!and the instant noodle is my favorite!now i have the three flavours!I got some tea for you,so i will send you soon(^^)