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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy mailbox


     I have had a few great mail days. Yesterday I came home to find this Christmas envelope RR that I had started back in November. It went from me to the Netherlands, to Lithuania and then home. Here are the things that came in. 
   I forgot to photograph the tea that came too. They are from top left, clockwise: a reindeer gift bag, paper ornament craft (this was my favorite!), a Christmas tree candle, Christmas decorations to put on baked goods, a star ornament, napkins, a Santa ornament and a nice postcard from Jiska.  Thanks! I loved it. Oh.. I forgot the scarf too. I was wearing it today!
     Today, I had these beauties in my mailbox:
 I love this card! It says "A language can help you hit the right note in life. Got the German Edge?" It also glows in the dark. Love it!
 Here is my lip balm tag. Toasted mallow flavor. :) Mikaela also sent me a nice note and a cup of tea!

 Yum yum! Draniki. Potato pancakes from Belarus. even put a recipe on the back. Thanks. We will try them soon.
 Hello Bonnie! Thanks for your great letter, friendship books, and stickers. I will pass the fbs along very soon. Bonnie is my closest penpal. She lives about 20 minutes away :)
David, my latest mail convert. Check out the cool flowers on Bonnie's letter. 


 US- 2041832
   Headed to a 72 year old man in Germany. 

     Headed to Finland and Turkey.

The 366 Project:

 Received: 10
Outgoing: 15


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