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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


     I am doing an okay job of continuing to write, but I wanted to get some things in the mail so I didn't take pictures this time. The other day I mailed 5 Postcrossing cards-  4 to Russia and 1 to Germany. I also mailed a letter to Marianne in the Netherlands and a letter to adopted soldier #4.
    I have adopted 4 soldiers now through Adopt A US Soldier.  I send them mail weekly when I can, even if it's just a short hello- which it usually is since I don't always get replies so I'm unsure what to write. (That and penpal guilt.. lol) If any of my penpals want to write out a postcard to one of the soldiers, feel free to include it in your letter. I would just send it to whichever soldier is next. 


     Two goodies in my mailbox today:

This is 2 beaches of Brazil- Arpoador and Ipanema. Looks beautiful.  The stamps are of Jorge Amado, a Brazilian writer.

     The second envelope came from an address I didn't recognize so I was curious as to what was inside.
    I loved this pretty butterfly card. Inside was my first returned friendship book. If you don't know what a friendship book is, it's a little booklet where people write their addresses and if they're looking for new penpals, swappers, etc. and then pass it on to another penpal. When the book is full, they return it to the owner. This friendship book was made for me by someone in the Netherlands. It came back with 12 addresses. I'll send them all a postcard thanking them for writing in the booklet.

The 366 Project

Sent: 25
Received: 12 


    Contrary to the numbers above, I have not been inspired to write this week... at all. Timmy had a stomach bug on Saturday and throughout the long weekend. It passed to me yesterday and to Matt and David today. It has not been a fun week. (Though I do have to say how much I appreciate Matt this week. He has been working a lot so that I could rest and basically doing everything that needed to be done at home. He also had some not so pretty bathroom trips with David all through the night last night. So grateful.)   I hope to be feeling better this week since I have a concert tomorrow and have to bring kids to an audition on Saturday. This year has been a really bad year for illnesses. Is it the same in other states this year?
     I also saw that I have two more blog followers! I was very excited. Check out their blogs! Angie's and Marijke's    I love seeing what other people get in their mail too :)
    Ok, I'm off to try to write at least 1 letter tonight.


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