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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Restarting the count!!!!


     Today I sent out my first letter of 2013. It is to my friend, Jenny, in Germany. It is more like a novel.. ha ha.  I stayed up way too late trying to make a nice looking envelope. Making things visually nice is a real struggle for me so it takes a lot of effort. 


    I received a very yummy package from Oxymord from France. This is part of the Postcrossing Round Robins forum. This was a round devoted to special Christmas/holiday chocolates. This is my first chocolate from France. When I opened the package, my boys said "Whoa!!!!" and immediately wanted to try all of the candy. We have each tried 1 piece so far and it was delicious. I have friends who love Kinder chocolate so I plan to share with them too! Thanks Oxymord! I loved your little Christmas tree card too :)

The 366 Project (2013): 

Sent: 1
Received: 1

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