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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What! 3 days in a row?


     Still on track here. Here is my outgoing mail from today and tomorrow. 1 letter to South Africa and 2 to Massachusetts, my home state.

   PS. Thanks for the Minnie stationary, Jenny!


    I have to say that having a project like this is so much easier when you have a happy mailbox to come back to. I was delighted to hear from my penpal, Angie today. Her little flower envelope was nice to pull out of my mailbox on a freezing day. Inside were a whole bunch of goodies- a letter, friendship book, postcard (nice state card!), sticker bag and a label bag. Thanks!  Here's the loot:

The 366 Project:

Sent: 4
Received: 2  


    I follow a blog called Mail me some Art. Karen always has some cool stuff on this blog and wants to have a lot of participation in this next swap. So, 1) I'm getting involved rather than just creeping her site and 2) I'm sharing her blog post in hopes that some of my awesome penfriends will get involved too.  Here are 2 cool swaps going on now.
Blue postcard swap 
Collage sheet challenge postcard swap
     Let me know if you're getting involved so I can check out your stuff!

     On a sad, and much more serious note, today the house of 1 former, 1 future and 2 current students burned down. They lost everything I believe. My heart goes out to them. Please remember today that life can change so quickly and unexpectedly. Love your family, friends, neighbors and community. Show kindness at every opportunity. Sometimes just listen instead of talk. Tell people you love them every chance you get. I am really grateful that there was nobody in the house but I can't imagine what the family is going through right now.  :(


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  1. Glad you got my letter! (Now you know who "Alice Fraggle" is - haha) I'm glad you liked the postcard!