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Thursday, July 17, 2014

ICAD47, Postcrossing and P&L Swap

Today David and I sat and painted. My ICAD47 (purple prompt) was on the top. His is on the bottom. I wanted to do something different with the seed beads but I thought I'd just experiment tonight.

  Today I finally sent an outgoing letter to my friend Marianne in The Netherlands. It was nice to write a letter again. I haven't written in a while because of my elbow issues (which were partially caused by fine motor movements in my hands/wrist/fingers). 
    These were my incoming cards:
This one is from a teacher in the US. Three Island Crossing is a state park located in Idaho.

 This one was from a preschool in Poland. The food are "Ruskie pierogi" (Russian pierogis) which are like a dumpling filled with potatoes and cottage cheese. Have you ever had potato and cottage cheese together? I haven't.
This was from Kirsty from Penpalling & Letters. We both took part in a July card swap. Croissants- yum. I didn't like croissants until I had a chocolate filled one in Germany! This card is from The Netherlands.

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