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Friday, July 18, 2014

What do you use your gelli plate for? + ICAD48

Today's ICAD prompt was Matryoshka Doll. This was done in crayon. I wanted to use colored pencils but then I realized I had bought some for Timmy's school supplies this year. (Yes, already..)  I thought this one would be difficult so I am pleased with my happy little ladies. I originally thought of doing one of our family. Everybody else would look a little too plump.. lol.
   One of my students gave me a generous gift card to Amazon. I was holding onto it to wait for something special. While doing the ICAD challenge, I saw so many cool backgrounds of the cards and wondered how do they do that?  Well, for many of them, the secret was that they used their gelli plate. I decided that this is what I could buy myself for a treat. It came today and I waited patiently all day. This is the packaging.

These are some of the beautiful backgrounds that came out on my first try. These were all made with the same combinations of paint. I love the variety. I might try to make some envelopes and bookmarks using the gelli plate. I think I like the 3rd one and the last one the best. David's favorite was the 2nd one.

How many of you guys have a gelli plate? What projects have you done with them? I'm thinking of trying to use black paint for a background next time. I wonder if it will be really vibrant or a horrible mess. We'll see!
    I had no good incoming mail today. 

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