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Saturday, October 14, 2017


     Today I celebrated my 40th birthday! It was an interesting day. I don't really care about age, so the milestone of 40 wasn't super exciting, or devastating to me. When I went to school, I was expecting (and greeted with) 500 questions about what happened to my face, which currently has a giant bandage on from a surgery. After just being upfront (and personal) with my students, they were over it and we could move on. My birthday overall was uneventful and when I came home from school I was super tired so I opted to get take out, snuggle in a blanket and rest. It was a great decision.
      I had a few sweet/touching things happen. Lots of kids (who I didn't know even knew about my birthday) had made me sweet little birthday cards. One 6th grade boy, who does not sing for me and is considered one of the "cool kids," made me a card and in the corner he wrote, "thanks for letting me be myself- the only teacher who does that." I was a bit surprised by this. I assume he means that the other teachers tell him to be quiet a lot. This boy is extremely intelligent, asks lots of great questions and has a ton to contribute. He can be goofy too, but that's one of the things I like about him. I'm glad he knows I care. Then, a sophomore brought me a cute little gerbera daisy plant. She remembered my birthday and walked all the way from the high school to bring me it. One of my first students, who is now working with me as the theater director brought me a card, flowers and a cupcake. I also got a card from the staff. My friend, the school librarian, has been leaving me sweet notes all week.
      I don't need any recognition for my birthday, but it was sure nice feeling cared about after a tough day the day before.

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  1. I hope it's okay to say Happy Birthday still!! I think it's nice that birthdays aren't like massive deals to you (I find them stressful myself haha) but still SO SWEET that people remembered and gave gifts and cards and you totally deserve that!! Glad you had a nice day. :D