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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Travel day 1

I had wonderful plans to add some pictures from my phone but my computer is having none of it at the moment. Here's what we did today:

1) First thing in the morning we went to an ATM and exchanged money. It worked better than I expected to and I'm grateful that Matt took charge here.
2) Went to the supermarket. It was interesting to see how different some of he products here were. Maybe not different, just that the local fare is different. I also discovered here that Matt and I are not the same type of traveler. Maybe it's because he's more introverted than I am. I had a  feeling it might be a long day.
3) Drove to Old Quebec. Hey Virgin and TMobile thanks for your awesome coverage in Canada. Not. I knew my phone was not going to work but Matt thought his phone would be fine
4) Paid for one month of parking rather than 1 day. Oops.
5) Walked around the old city. Tim took a ton of pictures which I will give you a link to when I get home. He's putting together a photography blog for himself. David said that he liked everything about walking around. He really liked the shops. On my quest for poutine, I had done some research and read about a place in Quebec called le Chic Shack. Ironically, right at lunch time, what did we run into? Le Chic Shack. We waited for a long time in line and then ate lunch there. I finally had poutine and, guess what, I didn't like it. So disappointing. I had heard so much about it. I just found it to be bland.
6) We visited many shops, Chateau Frontenac, the tourist center, Le Chic Shack, walked along the "boardwalk?" by Frontenac, and just explored. Oh, I also went to the post office to get some stamps for postcards I had sent. (I don't speak French so this was abnormally scary for me. Between the woman who only spoke French at the counter and me, we made an okay team.)
7) Drove home, met the host of the place we're staying at, cooked dinner here and just hung out.

It was a fun but busy day. I'll have to share pictures later.

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