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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Aquarium pics

I was going to share Tim's small blog with his pictures, but he's taking a long time to get to updating it so I'll share some of his fantastic pictures on this. Tim just turned 12. My husband took a few of these too but I don't know whose is whose. These were all taken at the Aquarium du Qu├ębec
    They had the most extensive jellyfish display I've ever seen. 

 I love this one.

 They had a ray touch tank. The white ones were especially friendly. They kept coming up out of the water.

 There was a path outside with trails. The colors were so vibrant but it was an extremely rainy day for a while. There was also a playground. I'd love to see what these paths look like in the spring.

 Possibly the worst picture ever taken of me. lol. It POURED on us right until we paid for these ponchos. Then the rain miraculously stopped.

 Back inside to another touch tank.

 Some skulls.

 This guy was amazingly cute.

 I had never seen a polar bear before. Beautiful, massive creatures.

 Contemplating eating the child that the hand belongs to,.. lol


 The salt water tank inside

    If you're ever up in Quebec, I would highly recommend bringing your family. About 40% of it is outside, so be prepared if it's rainy!

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