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Monday, October 2, 2017

A running list about what I love about October

What I Love About October


Autumn leaves changing color. My oldest son took this picture a few days ago. Speaking of...
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Tim (the pug) will celebrate his 12th birthday Wednesday.
Also, warm, flannel pajamas.
While we're talking about birthdays, my 40th birthday is the 13th.
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 Hot chocolate, tea, a latte- any hot and yummy drink. Being a MA girl, I tend to drink all of my coffee iced, even in winter (and with enough cream and sugar so it doesn't actually taste like coffee anymore..lol).

 Fall colors and foliage. This was taken at a local fair last year. I don't have any plans for a fair this year, but I love those too.
 Beautiful sunsets with crisp fall air.
Spending extra time with family.
Usually the first times I'm not roasting hot in my classroom. (This shouldn't make the list because it's pretty shallow, but my room is VERY HOT.)
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Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AApple_pie.jpg
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 High school football games- with the marching band halftime shows being the highlight

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  1. Great pictures! The sunset is amazing and I love the colours of the autumn leaves! Thanks for visiting my blog too!