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Friday, July 26, 2019


Spent the day at Canobie Lake park to celebrate a nephew's birthday with the boys! It was a beautiful, sunny day (which is bad for me, but great for everybody else.) It was a great day of fun before our road trip tomorrow.
This was supposed to be an action photo. That mist in the right corner was a splash from a water ride. When I realized I was going to get soaked too, I had to move my phone:
There's that nice, wet, sunny day I was talking about. Also, welcome to New Hampshire.
We got drenched on that ride and after that ride. It was fun.
Just chilling out. Tim was with us too but he met a friend of his cousin and the two played together for hours. This was a quick walk between lunch and heading back to the water park. 
Incoming mail:
A nice map of Netherlands from Anita. 

From Donna in Florida.

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