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Monday, July 22, 2019

July 22

Incoming mail:
    This is from David at Brown University. I am looking forward to the barrage of postcards that come in after my Postcrossing binge a while back. Unfortunately a ton of the cards went to Russia, so who knows if they'll ever get there. Postcrossers- I switched my preference to allow multiple cards to the same country. Have you noticed a difference in the time it takes to get cards back?
     Also, I finished the book I gave myself until Friday to finish. It's about a girl named Sarah Hall who is an up and coming Wall Street Analyst/  Her story is alternated with the stories of other members of her previous co-workers who have been called to an emergency meeting at an abandoned building.  Once they arrive, they learn that the meeting is a team building escape room, with a bit of a twist.  I really liked the book. It was a quick read and I kept wanting to read to see what was going on with each character.

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