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Monday, July 1, 2019


      This summer, one of my goals is to refresh- mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.  I've thought a lot about how I can work on each of these over the summer. So far so good. Here are some of my grand intentions:

Mental reset- I thirst for mental stimulation sometimes. I love to learn, just for the sake of learning. I love reading and figuring things out. I'm doing a lot of genealogy work this summer. So far I have found some distant relatives and possibly found some information I have been searching for for a long time. Unfortunately, I've uncovered some new mysteries too but it's been fascinating to learn more about my family members- both ancestors that were from very long ago as well as family members that I knew while they were living.  If that wasn't mentally challenging enough, I'm trying to learn German. I took German in college but it's been a while. Also, languages are difficult for me. I have a lot of respect for polyglots. I would love to be able to communicate in numerous languages. Sprechen sie Deutsch? If so, feel free to help me practice. I'm so... self-conscious about being wrong. One of my penpals challenged me to write her in German. Her next letter will have at least 1 full paragraph in German, no matter how scary it is for me. I have taken 2 webinars- one on music technology and another on genealogy. I'd like to do some work for school soon. I have not done as much reading for pleasure as I'd like to. I figured that it might be nice to give the blog a refresh too, so here I am.

Physically- Trying something new. I'm doing an introductory, 6-week program to lose a little weight and get a little more healthy. This program will help with nutritional coaching, exercise and working with a personal trainer. I'm liking it so far and feeling good. Ultimately, I have a lot of weight I'd like to lose, but I just want to be more healthy. I'd like to see my A1C get lowered to a pre-diabetic level. It was up the last time I visited my endocrinologist. I see her again on July 3 so I hope it looks better than it did. (In all fairness, this new program has only been a part of life for 2 weeks so I'm not expecting huge results.) My fasting blood sugar has lowered between 25-60 a day. Any step in the right direction is good. I'm also trying to be intentional about physical activity with the boys. Also, I'm going to try to work on some issues I've had with my voice over this summer. I'm hoping I've just been really tired and that's what's affecting my range.

Spiritually- More time in my Bible. I've spent time in Revelations and Proverbs. I feel fairly disciplined in my prayer life, but not in spending time in the Word. I'm also attempting to not worry about everything beyond my control all the time.

Emotionally- Maybe the worrying thing goes here too. I find that emotionally, I enjoy connecting  and spending quality time with people. I also enjoy trying to spread kindness when I can, even if it makes me weird. I've been lucky enough to do lots of fun stuff at the end of June.
Miss Saigon with Tim:
Secret Life of Pets 2
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Chris Botti and Josh Groban
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Genealogy research with my aunt, whom I haven't seen since my mom died in October. This picture is of my grandfather during WWII. 
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   That brings us to July. I hope to give a brief message every day of July. Here's hoping. Today was productive. I worked out, got blood drawn for my dr's appointment on Wednesday, got some chores done and took the boys bowling. 

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Friends and family in Massachusetts.Oh, actually, it looks like it might be multiple places around the country... Do you know about the Kids Bowl Free program? I guess they can get 2 free games a day. My boys were psyched to hear about it so I'll sign them up. It will keep us all active on days we might otherwise just sit around. You can find more info on Kids Bowl Free here

    I hope everybody reading is doing well. (All 4 of you. ha ha) If I haven't heard from you in a while, give me a call, message me to share what's going on in life or let's get together. Have a great day!

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