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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July 10

    I'm finding that I kind of wish the boys were home on some days instead of at park. I make a to do list in my head but then spend most of the time looking forward to them getting home. I know there are some people who are begging their kids to get out of the house all day, but I don't often have this much free time during the school year and I feel like I'm wasting it.
       Today I worked out, dropped the boys off and worked on some genealogy stuff. I learned a little more about my grandmother, who was one of my closest relatives but had a hard life growing up. I also connected with people who aren't directly related to me, but were definitely considered family by my nana.
       The farmer's market in town opened again today. It's in a new location, which seems better than the first location. Unfortunately, I'm not finding a lot of things I want to buy. I love that there are farms there with fresh, local vegetables and flowers. There were lots of jewelry vendors there, which I'd buy for a gift, but not on a weekly basis. Lularoe, Tupperware and Pampered Chef also made an appearance. There were a few food trucks, which was a fun addition. A few booths that caught my attention were:
- A local church, just saying hi, giving out coffee and cookies and collecting for Amirah.  Apparently they're coming every week and collecting for something different each week. I wish my church did something like this.
- A woman who made her own soaps. They smelled delicious. I may go get one next week. I have a friend who might enjoy a soap as well.
- A cute older couple who made birdhouses.
- A new shop selling mini-bundt cakes. They had samples and were delicious!

        David and I enjoyed walking around for a few minutes. I'll try to get back there a few times this summer. After a delicious dinner of chicken cutlets with spaghetti, I took a short walk around the block. I live in a suburban area but it's not really congested. Ironically, 1 block away I could be on a highway or in the middle of cornfields (not common for most of Ma.) I often see small animals in the yard- various birds, rabbits, groundhog, chipmunks, skunks,  and squirrels. We once had a deer, a coyote and a turkey- at different times. Today on our walk, we came across a gang of turkey youth. Luckily, they were happy to let us pass without coming after us.

    I need to plan better for tomorrow. I guess one positive thing is that I got back on track with logging my food. :/

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