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Saturday, July 6, 2019

July 5

       Yesterday was a rewarding and busy day. In the morning I dropped the kids at the local parks program. This is a program run by the recreation department. All of the playgrounds in town are staffed with local high school and college kids. Kids from Kindergarten to 8th grade can be dropped off to play. The kids can come nd go as they'd like. My kids aren't allowed to leave without a call home. It's the old "Go out an play" that they really want. We also don't live in a neighborhood with other kids so they love the opportunity to play with random kids from town.
     After park, we came home to do some chores then ran out again to the library. My family are voracious readers, except Matt. After the library I went to a local cafe and tried a honey lavender latte. I let Tim take a sip and he said it "tasted like biting into a wildflower." Ha ha. When we got home, both kids headed for their rooms to read for a long time. I didn't ask them to, it's just something they enjoy as part of their library routine.
      We had a party to go to after Matt got out of work, but he had a cool day of his own. Adam Sandler is filming his new movie in town. If you don't know, my husband is a candy maker. The producer of the movie asked him to make a gift basket to welcome one of the lead characters, who is a 12 year old boy, to the set. Matt made the basket and they liked it so much that they asked him to do 2 more for 2 adult leads. This was good, but also made us late for the party. It was kind of amusing because Adam Sandler has also filmed at the school I teach at. I'm not a huge "fangirl" of many people, but I did briefly meet Josh Hutcherson, who also played Peeta in The Hunger Games. He seemed like a  nice guy. Regarding being a fangirl, I may take that back after something on Monday. I'll update you then but it might take a while since I'm going to be away.
     The party was hosted by some friends from church. It was a nice time. We ate (a lot), hung out with friends and played some games. Here's David basking in the sun.

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