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Saturday, January 10, 2015

GoodReads win

INCOMING!     I received my first package of the year today! If you are unaware, GoodReads does daily giveaways. I enter every once in a while and have actually won quite a few books. I love this because 1) I can try some books that I might not have bought without being disappointed if they're not what I was hoping, 2) I've been introduced to some new authors (I've also chatted with quite a few of them, which has been pretty cool.) and 3) I love to save some money. Today I received a book I had won a little while ago. This book is called Ordinary How to Turn the World Upside Down. It is written by Tony Merida, a pastor from North Carolina. I have not read anything by him yet so I look forward to reading it.
  For my art friends, I like the cover of this book. It's designed like an older book. It looks like the cover originally said "Extraordinary How to Conquer The World" and it's been altered for the new title. It's also designed to look well-worn. Kinda cool. It seems like the whole premise of the book is to develop your faith in your everyday life through service to others and humility.
   The only thing I'm not quite as excited about is that books that come in my apartment automatically go on my "to read" shelf. Do any of you have any quirky, almost obsessive habits? Well, Matt is always laughing at me for my way of choosing which book to read next. I have a specific system and I seem to be very OCD about breaking the rules of that system. So, who knows when I will read this but hopefully it's soon. I aim to read at least 1 book a month. I'm currently reading 2 but it's going slowly. I will being a new book on Feb 1 at the latest. I'm also quite obsessive about not being late.
     I couldn't find my SD card for the camera before I ran out to the post office. Guess where it was? In the SD slot of the computer... duh. My outgoing mail was a postcard of the Statue of Liberty headed to Germany and a card for a little guy in my chorus who lost his grandmother this week. :(
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