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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Outgoing Mail 1/2-1/4, Chemo Angels

 Postard to Latvia, card for a former ChemoBuddy
 Postcard to Sharon, PA. Letter to a current ChemoBuddy
Postcard to Belarus. I got this card at the New England Aquarium, isn't it beautiful?

The 366 Project:
Received: 0

   I mentioned that my One Word for 2015 is "create."  I'd like to create an opportunity for you! Another person will be the lucky recipient of this opportunity. I am involved with a program called ChemoAngels. ChemoAngels offer to support people who currently have a cancer diagnosis and are going through chemotherapy. The basic commitment is that you send your buddy something like a letter, card (or package if you can handle it!), or small gift once a week. This is not a penpal program. In fact, the "buddy" you are assigned to aren't required to respond back. After a month you can check in and get an update for the person. I have had 3 chemobuddies.  One ended up leaving the program because she had a bunch of encouragement from her family. I currently write to 2 people. One person I have not heard anything from. The second I have exchanged letters and cards with as well as become friends on Facebook. I'm greatly enjoying getting to know her. If you are interested in checking it out, look at the link above.
    I know that at least 1 of my penpals does ChemoAngels. Let me know if you get involved too!


  1. Nice mail, Jen! :) And it's great to see you supporting (and encouraging) Chemo Angels- such a wonderful program. :) Those ladies are blessed to receive such kind mail from such an awesome person. :)

  2. I also ama part of Chemo-Angels. I have 3 card buddies. I have heard from each one of them at least once. It also thrills my heart to hear that my cards or notes bring cheer and encouragement to their days.