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Monday, January 26, 2015

3 great cards- Turkey, Russia and China

     I received 3 beautiful cards today. This one is from Turkey. It is a painting that shows the Hagia Sophia in the background.  I think this is my first official postcrossing card from Turkey. I know I have received at least 1 other card from Turkey in a private swap.
 These were the stamps.
 This beauty is from Russia. It is in Yekatarinburg.  Can you imagine living in a house like this? The colors are so vivid. I would love to see this place in person.
    I really like this one too. This card is from China and reminds me very much of one of my favorite pictures of my 2 sons.
The 366 Project:
Sent: 27
Received: 15

    In other news, I'm supposed to receive a ton of snow tonight- between 20-30 inches. School has been canceled for tomorrow. This is great because I was actually scheduled to report for jury duty. That has been canceled too so I have a relaxing day at home and I didn't have to write up all of my lesson plans. Plus, now I won't be behind in my classes.  I plan to hang out in my pajamas all day and just hang out with the kids! Seriously.. flannel pjs all day :)  If I think of it, I'll take some pictures of the snow. We may have Wednesday off from school too, depending on how well the roads are cleared, if power is lost, etc.
      I also hope to do some art stuff tomorrow since I don't feel pressured to get anything else done.

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