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Sunday, January 25, 2015

My first typography envelope

     I saw a really cool template for an envelope over at The Postman's Knock and decided that I would like to try it. I used a pen that was far too thick for what I did with it, but 1) for a first try and 2) for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome that was bugging me that day, I'm okay with the results. I look forward to trying it again and getting better. Hopefully Mary doesn't see this here before she sees it in her mailbox :)  Here's the link to the template if you want to try it too.
    Saturday brought some fun mail. This homemade postcard comes from Danielle in Chicago. I love the image on the front, though I'm slightly confused by it.. lol, and I love the sewn edges.
     While sloshing over to my snowy mailbox, I was delighted to find this sunny postcard from Heleen in the Netherlands. We're getting 20-30 more inches of snow Monday-Wednesday so I'll keep this visible to brighten up the day.
 This is my first card from Singapore. It is from Suriani. I didn't know there was a Universal Studios in Singapore.
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