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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jamberry opinions?

    This has been a pretty slow mail week. There were 2 days I had NOTHING in the mailbox at all- not even bills or junk mail. I sent out a letter to Mary in Md., and a few cards. Here are some of the cards I sent.
 Is this card creepy to anyone else? It was a picture taken at "TOZ Summer camp" in 1920. I have had it for a while but feared sending out. The user in Germany said he likes kind of odd/ugly cards so I thought this one would be perfect. I looked up more pictures of this camp and most of the pictures are equally eerie.
 I sent this card to a woman in Turkey who is trying to collect cards from every city in the world. Here is a link to her blog if you'd like to send her a card too.
    It was super cold and gross the other day so this card popped out at me. It's going to Mexico.

     I got 2 pieces of incoming "good mail."  After seeing Jamberry nail strips everywhere I started to wonder "What's the big deal?" So, let me preface this by giving you some information about myself:
1) I have had 1 manicure in my life.
2) I'm "frugal" when it comes to spending money on things like cosmetics. (Unfortunately, you can probably tell that by looking at me on your first glance.)
3) Being a music teacher/pianist/percussionist, I do not have nice nails. I am frequently chipping, tearing and scratching nail polish, never mind if I bit my nails when I'm stressed out.

So, here's the strip I got as a sample:
 Wow, sorry you can't see that well. Here is the strip on my nail for a chance to see if it can survive me for a week- and to see how it holds up compared to my normal polish. I probably should've cut it down and used it on my pinky since this strip seemed a little small for my ring finger. Live and learn. Do any of you have experience with Jamberry? Opinions? I will probably get at least 1 set just to support my friend's party but I'm not sure how excited I will truly be about them.

The only other mail I got was this cool card of the Neuschwanstein Castle.
   David has also got into Postcrossing and just received his first Moomin card :)

The 366 Project
Sent: 23
Received: 7 (boo!)


  1. I haven't tried jamberry but I've heard good things. I've recently been getting my nails done with soft gel and they hold up real well. No chipping. But, then again, it kind of ruins my own nails. I've only been doing it for a couple of months but already thinking of giving my nails a break.

    1. Check out my latest post to see my nails after a few days..lol