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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jamberry update

I mentioned that as a pianist, percussionist, mom, teacher and nail-biter, my nails don't usually look "cute."  I showed the sample of Jamberry nail wraps earlier in the week. Here they are a few days later. Notice that my nail polish is kind of demolished.
 I like the design, even though I'm usually a bit more conservative. Looking at the website, they have lots of interesting designs. My only issue is justifying $15 for 1 set of strips (which should last 2-3 manicures)  I know that some woman really care about the appearance of their nails or treat themselves to manicures very often. I'm just not that girl. In fact, I'm rarely the girls who will even splurge for the more expensive nail polish that I can apply at home. I may order something just this once, but I doubt it will be something that happens often simply because saving for a house is way more important to me than having people look at my nails. If YOU are a person who likes to have your nails done professionally, check Jamberry out. It might save you money and give you some cool ideas.

INCOMING Mail today:
Postcard of the Stryiskyi Park in Lviv, Belarus. Isn't it peaceful? It looks like a relaxing place to write. No other incoming mail.
The 366 Project:
Sent: 23
Received: 8

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